A Ride on Angel’s Flight into Downtown LA

Up until the 1950s, when the freeways in Southern California were expanded there used to be a thing called the Pacific Electric Railway. For no more than 25 cents you could get anywhere in Southern California. The last red car … Continue reading

Hiking to Dante’s Peak and Visiting the Griffith Park Observatory

Last Saturday Denise’s family decided to get together and have a picnic. Deciding we wanted to do a little bit more than a picnic we decided to go and do a little hike together. The original plan was to go … Continue reading

La Bellas Pizza, Chula Vista, CA

  I grew up in the not so small city of Chula Vista. Translated from Spanish the name means “beautiful view.” So it isn’t so much of a stretch that Chula Vista’s oldest restaurant would be named La Bella, which is Italian for the “the beautiful.”  A lot of things have changed in the … Continue reading