Familypic2editweblargeWell, in a nutshell we are a California based family that likes to travel. With a little car and a little bit of know how we make our way throughout the world. This blog is our little landing pad for our adventures. We don’t have much money, so we try to be as creative (cheap) as possible. We hope that you enjoy reading about our adventures and that you tell us about yours (we always like to hear about new ideas). If you would like to get automatic email updates of new blog content you can become an email subscriber at

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The Pedrozas

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    About Us — 4 Comments

    1. the san gabriel mission and the facts really helped me to do my repor and dirama for school thank you for the facts my class will be exited to lisen to my repor
      p.s i am in 4th grade and i am 10 years old.

    2. Well, great article on the LA Fashion District. I am moving to a city very close to LA, well close enough. Lemoore, CA. I plan on setting up a small vendor shop in the Fashion District but am having a difficult time getting information for unbiased sources. Would you be able to assist in some way?

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