Someone Cut The GRAS

August was a very volatile month for stock trading. Never in the history of stock trading has the DOW swung as much as it did in this month.

Finding good opportunities in this market is really tough. Luckily for me I don’t have any money in that I need to get out quickly. On that same note however I which I had more money because I am finding that it is actually cheaper to invest with more money than it is with less.
Early in the month I was able to take advantage of a good swing and sell of my SILA stock for a bit of a profit. I was so excited about my first stock gain that I bought a stock called GRAS. GRAS is the stock for Greenfield Farms and they specialize in grass fed beef. It seemed like a no brainer with labor day coming up, but then Irene hit. Unfortunately, a lot of the markets Greenfield Farms sells to are in Vermont and Vermont is currently under a lot of water. It turns out people don’t buy high end beef when they are bailing the water out of their house. Oh well, my hope at this point is that I can wait for some better time (like I said I haven’t invested any money I needed soon), but I am doubtful there will be a big rush for beef after Labor day.
As far as my other stocks they are still in the loss category. Looking at them you may think I have really lost a lot but you have to remember that part of the loss includes the $10 trading fee. They are slowly growing, but it is kind of the equivalent of watching paint dry. Good for long term investment, but horrible for a day trading hobby.

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