Mission Soledad “The Loneliest Mission”

In the scope of missions there are big missions and small missions, Soledad fits into that small category. Going to Mission Soledad it was funny how close it was to the 101 highway, but how far you had to drive to get there.

In the picture you can see the door main chapel door is very small, it is barely taller than I am.

Like many missions, it has been reconstructed. If you go to the back of the building you can see the remains of the old mission.

When I first walked into the chapel I thought I was going to get into trouble because you enter through the altar (normally your not supposed to approach the altar unless invited). After looking arround though I saw there was no other doors (and no one told me not to), so I figured it was ok. A very small chapel, but considering the rest of the mission was small it fit.

My favorite part of this mission was walking behind it and looking at the ruins of the old workshop. It was kind of like being on a archaelogical expedition.


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