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Tijuana, Mexico Day 1: Medical Tourism — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, thanks for the nice comments about Sam Dental Tijuana clinic. I’m the guy you talked to when you booked the appointment. I have seen that other clinics in Tijuana, as well as several USA dentists will try to add to their profits by telling you that you need things that you really don’t need. As your experience at our clinic shows, the Dr.s really are concientious about doing things right and being honest. They also do very good work. They may be young, but they get a lot of practice, so they are really good at what they do. Thanks for choosing Sam Dental.

      • Thank you for reading my blog. Go ahead and report me, but I would suggest when you do google “John Pedroza resume” first, I am real. My blog post is completely my own and I was not sponsored in any way by Sam Dental, but I have some cavities and if by chances they are reading this and want to sponsor me and fill my cavities I would let them. 🙂

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