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The Nature Of Luxury — 2 Comments

  1. Travel is definitely our biggest luxury. My hubby’s bizarre foods habit is probably next. A few years ago I started sending his shirts to be laundered, and I consider that a really big luxury. We scrimp on buying cars (this is relative, I know, but we drive our cars into the ground and we go for reliable over status). We eat out together occasionally, but not a ton (unless we are traveling, and even then we eat cheap all day and splurge on one good meal), and we don’t go to a lot of movies. We are very careful about negotiable expenses like insurance, service providers, groceries, etc. Bob scrimps on gas–he’s always trying to outdo his last tank as far as mileage goes.

  2. I have a lot of the same scrimp/splurge items Judy does. We have a vehicle with 240,000 miles we hope to drive for 2 more years, and a stripped down, bell and whistleless second car. We do ALL of our own home repairs. We haven’t done much splurging yet (raising kids is expensive!), but now that our family is gone, we are hope to start traveling more. We almost never eat out–and I consider that a real scrimp. Most of our empty nest friends have closed the kitchen and eat out every meal. I’d rather cook than eat a sub-standard, overpriced meal somewhere else.

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