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Southern Texas Border — 3 Comments

  1. Beautiful countryside! Or should I say “extraordinario!” That line-up of cars at the border crossing looks horrible, but the ceviche looks pretty good.

  2. South Texas has been in the news lately with Pres. Trump visiting McAllen and the border crisis seemingly set in that area as ground zero. It was fun to get the contrasts of the two countries and two border crossings, which as your video points out, were quite different. Thanks again for the joint adventure. I’m jealous of your planned trip to see a few more states. I really love Mexico.

    • It was a fun trip, you two should come on another one with us. You might like going to Chihuahua and riding on El Chepe. It is the only passenger train left in Mexico. It goes to the copper cannon, which is deeper and wider than the grand canyon. Lots of wildlife in the canyon and it is the home to the Tarumadas, which are a tribe that still lives in cliff dwellings and can run very long distances.

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