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Parcel 203-54-122 Willcox, Arizona — 12 Comments

  1. My grandparents bought property there, passed it on to my parents, then I bought it for around $250. We’ve paid property taxes on it forever. Hoping it does get built up…

    We have never visited, but hope to get there someday. Curious…is there a golf course nearby, or just the sign?

    • Yes, there is a golf course nearby. It is owned by the city. The golf course is only part that is nice. The rest is just shrub grass and tumbleweeds.

  2. I just purchased 9 lots and I thank you so much for posting this video. Thank you! I knew it was a nowhere land when I purchased it, the bad thing is I called the Cochise county and they said you cannot put a mobile home on it, you can only build a house. So there goes that idea.

    • Yes, you can only build a house there but the kicker is there is no city services to that area. The city is trying to keep it as a bird sancturary but if someone (like a developer) were to pay to put in utilities the city would not be able to stop them. That however might be a long time.

  3. Hi
    Im looking for few lots around Twin Lakes Golf Course, Willcox, AZ, and around the Highway 191 and 186. Please make sure that the lots are Free from Lien and Back Taxes, and I don’t need any lots which cannot be built. No recreational lots ( NO R.V OR MOTOR HOME LOTS)
    I’m from Ontario, canada. Please reply to my email.You can also text me as well 1-647668-9877
    Thanks My Email is getmir1@hotmail.com

  4. Just so you know 2020 I came to find my parcel. It is now fenced off and is being used by a local for his free range cattle. Due to the local being a prominent figure there is no way to access any property. I have gone to Bizbee but they will tell me nothing except it is now a civil matter. Such a shame that everyone’s land is no longer accessible.

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