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The Jarvis House: Riverside City Landmark #78 — 8 Comments

  1. I love this house. Could you tell me what they use the Jarvis House for today?? I noted there was a house in the backyard.

  2. Thank you…. I love to drive to work on this street, and would love to know more about the Jarvis House.

  3. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s on Pine St. about a block and a half from the Jarvis house. During that time the house had fallen into disrepair. We kids in the neighborhood were absolutely certain it was a haunted mansion. Being so close to the cemetary on 13th St.only added to the rumors.

    • That is too funny. I gee up then too and lived down near where Sears is now. As kids we walked by there when coming from the movie theatre sometimes. We said the same thing about the house!! I just took friends by their and told them how when I was a kid, we thought it was haunted!

  4. I recently came across a photograph of the Jarvis house it is very old and in a old frame I’m sure it is pretty valuable I was wondering if anybody might know who lives in this house or who may want to purchase this picture that I have came across email me happs2777@gmail.com I currently live in Grand terrace but I was born and raised in Riverside California and I grew up on the east side my family has a house that is very old as well which is located on Brockton avenue we are the Thompson family well if anybody might be interested in this photograph that is framed inbox me I’m sure we could come up with a decent price

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