Nestle Optifast 800 Strawberry Shake

Was down one pound yesterday (312 now) at Healthy Balance meeting at Kaiser. Bought a sample pack of Optifast products. Today I tried the pre-made Strawberry shake box (160 calories). Not impressed did not fill me up, kind of chalky, but then again I never liked strawberry milk to begin with.

The side of the box lists 27 vitamins. Most are in the 20% range. Many of them I have never heard of, going to have to research why my body needs molybdenum, chloride (isn’t that what they use to clean pools?!), and choline.

BTW, I plan on making a series of posts about Optifast so I can gather my own thoughts on this weight loss product, but this is not an endorsement of the product for good or bad. I am paying for these products through my health provider plan (Kaiser). I am not sponsored or compensated by Kaiser or Nestle (but if they want to they can because this stuff is not cheap). All opinions are my own.

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