US State Capitols: Sacramento, California

Visited July 20, 2018 When California was part of Mexico, the capital of what was known as Alta California was in Monterey. In 1849 California declared itself a free and independent nation. At that time Sacramento drafted it’s first city … Continue reading

Springfield, Illinois (Part of Travel Goal #4)

We collect National Park cancellation stamps when we travel within the USA. On the way out from Springfield, Ilinois Denise asked if I could get a quick stamp from the old railway station in Springfield. I went to the railroad … Continue reading

September 2016 Randomness

Haven’t been very consistent on the blog lately but life as always moves on. In September there were four major happenings for the Pedroza family. In this blog I will talk about our trip to Arizona, Denise’s Birthday, and Amy’s … Continue reading

Not Watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Salt Lake City, Utah

I knew even before I got in the car that I wasn’t going to be able to go inside the Tabernacle to see the choir, but getting there it was a bit sad to be so close. I could see … Continue reading