AJ is 3 months old

“AJ is healthy and happy. He is a very easy baby on a fairly regular schedule.

This is a typical day:
(All times are aproxamate *grin*)
6:45am wake up, change and eat and then he plays and dozes lightly
10:00am when he eats again, and usually falls asleep while eating, so into the bassinette he goes. There he sleeps soundly.
1:30pm wake up, and it’s time to eat again, in the afternoon is his most active time. He’s eager for interaction and physical play.
4:00pm time to eat yet again!
6:30pm time to eat for the last time
7:00pm AJ goes to bed and sleeps for the next 12 hours.

He’s holding up his head just fine, and enjoys babbling to me, especially in the afternoon. Mostly he’s just stringing together long vowel sounds, not many consonants yet. He has, however, figured out where sound is coming from and will now turn his head to me if I talk to him from the kitchen while he is in his swing. He has not made any effort to roll over and doesn’t yet reach and grab with purpose. If he gets his hand on something it’s by random chance. That’s about it for the most exciting member of our household.

John is waiting to hear back about his Master’s Exam and he has this quarter, which will be over in a couple of weeks and, hopefully, just one more after that and he graduates with his MBA in June. Sometimes AJ stares at his hands like he can’t figure out how they got there and what they are for.

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