150 Generations Later…

I think I am going to need more paper...

I think I am going to need more paper…

One of the suggested activities they always say in church is to do your Genealogy. So today I went on FamilySearch.org and showed my mom some research tools.
One of the games I like to play on FamilySearch.org is what I call “How far can you click?” The way the games goes is you start going through family lines and see how far you go until you run into a dead link (no more names). Today I went through a line I call the Thornton line, this turned out to be a really long game today.


The coolest thing is now I can say we are all related. So when do I get to come over for dinner?
Thornton Adam Line:
1) Adam
Eve (4000BC-3074 BC)
2) Seth, son of Adam (3979BC-3067BC)
Azura bat Adam (3979BC-3067BC)
3) Enos, son of Seth (3765BC-2860BC)
Noam Bit Seth Of Elda
4) Cainan, son of Enos
5) Mahalaheel, son of Cainan
Sina (Dinah) Bint Barakiel Of East Eden (3605 BC)
6) Jared, son of Mahalaheel
7) Enoch, son of Jared (3378BC-3013BC)
Ednl Bint Daniel
8) Methusalah, son of Enoch (3317BC-2348BC)
9) Noah, son of Lamech (2948BC-1998BC)
Emzara Daughter of Lemach
10) Shem, son of Noah
Emzara (Naamah)
11) Arphaxad, son of Shem
12) Salah, son of Arphaxed (2306BC-1873BC)
13) Eber, son of Salah
14) Peleg, son of Eber
15) Reu, son of Peleg (2212BC-1973BC)
16) Serug,son of Reu (2180BC-1950BC)
17) Nahor I ben Serug (2150BC-2002BC)
Jaska (‘Ijaska) (2152BC)
18) Terah, son of Nahor (2121BC-1916BC)
Emtelal (Amethelo) of Agade (2154BC)
19) Abraham, son of Terah
Sarah (Saral) (2012BC-1885BC)
20) Isaac, son of Abraham
21) Jacob (Israel) ben Isaac (1886BC-1739BC)
22) Judah ben Jacob King of Gosher
23) Zarah
24) Dardanus (1460-1414BC)
25) Erichthonius the Dardanian King of Arcadia (1420BC-1368BC)
Astyoche Ilium (1397BC-1328BC)
26) Tros Acadia Dardania Troy (1314BC-1281BC)
Callirhot Callirhoe IIium (1354BC-1279BC)
27) Iulus Ascanlus Alba Longa Troy (1350BC-1279BC)
Eurydice Troy (1100BC-1281BC)
28) Laomedon Loomedante Troy (1279BC-1235BC)
Placia Strymo of Troy (1290BC-1185BC)
29) Prlam King of Troy (1235BC-1185BC)
Hecuba Phrygia (1235BC-1183BC)
30) King Helenus of Troy (1070BC-1149BC)
31) Genger King of Cimmerian Bosporus
32) Esdron
33) Esdron
34) Gelio King of Troy (1150BC-1010BC)
Gelio (Zelius) 1105BC
35) Basabiliano King of Troy (1125BC-1025BC)
Basabiliano (Basabellian) I (1975BC)
36) Plaserius I I King Of Plaserio King of Troy (2000BC-1000BC)
Plaserio (Plaserius) I (1045BC)
37) Plesron I I King Of Plesron King of Troy (1075BC-975BC)
38) Eliacor I Of Cimmerians Eliacor King of Troy (1050BC-950BC)
39) Zaberian Of Cimmerians Gaberiano, King of Troy (1025BC-925BC)
Gaberiano (Zaberian) (1055BC)
40) Plaserius II Plaserio King of Troy (1000BC-900BC)
41) Antenor I Antenor King of Troy (975BC-875BC)
42) Priamos II Van Commeria, King of Troy (900BC)
43) Helenus II, King of Troy (920BC-750BC)
Helenus II of Troy (935BC)
44) Plesron II (King of Troy) (910BC-820BC)
Plasron (905BC)
45) King Basabelian II (875BC-790BC)
Basabiliano II (875BC)
46) King Alexandros of Troy (827BC-677BC)
Alexandre Troy (845BC)
47) King Priamos III Van Commeria of Troy (800BC-655BC)
Priam III (815 BC)
48) King Gentilanor V Van Commeria (785BC-625BC)
Gentilanor (785BC)
49) Almadius I Van Commeria, (King of the Cimmerians) (750BC-650BC)
Wife, of Almadius I Van Commeria, (King of the Cimmerians) (755BC)
50) Dilulius I Van Commeria, (King of the Cimmerians) (725BC-625BC)
Dilulius (725BC)
51) Helenus III Van Commeria (King of the Cimmerians) (700BC-600BC)
52) Plaserius III Van Commeria King of the Cimmerians
53) Dilulius II Van Commeria, King of the Cimmerians
54) Marcomir I Van Commeria, King of the Cimmerians
55) Priamos IV, (King of the Cimmerians) (600BC-500BC)
56) Helenus IV Van Commeria, (King of the Cimmerians) (575BC-475BC)
57) Antenor II, Prince of the Cimmerians (540BC-443BC)
58) King Marcomir I, of the Sicambri (520BC-412BC)
59) King Antenor I of the Cimmerians = Cambra (500BC-412BC)
Cambra (500BC-400BC)
60) King Priamos V of the Sicambrii (475BC-358BC)
61) King Helenus V, of the Sicambrii (439BC-339BC)
62) King Diocles, of the Sicambrii (425BC-325BC)
63) King Bassanus Magnus of the Sicambri (400BC-300BC)
64) Clodomir I King of the Sicambri (375BC-275BC)
Clodomir I (375BC-275BC)
65) King Nicanor of the Sicambrii (350BC-250BC)
Constancia of Britain (350BC-250BC)
66) King Marcomir II of the Sicambrii (325BC-225BC)
Marcomir II of the Sicambrii (225BC)
67) Clodius I (159BC)
Clodius I (200BC)
68) Antenor III (143BC)
Antenor III (270BC-170BC)
69) Clodimir II (123BC)
Clodimir II (250BC-150BC)
70) Merodacus (125BC)
Mercadacus (225BC-125BC)
71) Cassander (100BC)
Cassander (200BC-100BC)
72) Anturius (75BC
Anturis (175BC-75BC)
73) Francus (150BC-50BC)
74) Clodimir II (125BC-25BC)
75) Marcomir III (97BC-50BC)
76) Clodimir III (70BC)
77) Antenor IV King of the West Franks (70BC)
78) Ratherius King of Franks
79) Richemer I King of Franks
80) Odomir IV de la Franks (50-150)
81) Marcomir I King of the Franks (75-175)
Athildis, Princess of Britain (241)
82) Clodomir rol des France (100-200)
83) Farabert King of Franks (122-186)
Hafilda Princess of Rugij (106-179)
84) Sunno (Huano Hunno) King of Franks (165-213)
85) Rey Hilderic (253)
86) Rey de los Francos Bartherus (Batherus) (238-272)
87) Rey Clodius III (298)
88) Rey de los Francos Walter (306)
89) Duque de los Francos Dragobert II (317)
90) Duque Genebald I (262-350)
91) Duque Dagobert II (300-379)
92) Duque de los Francos Clodius I (324-389)
Duchess of East Franks
93) Marcomir I, (Duke of East Franks) (347-404)
Marcomir (Duchess of the East Franks) (354-450)
94) Pharmond (First King of France) (370-427)
Argotta Queen of the Salic Franks (376-438)
95) Clodius Clodion the Long Haired King of the Salis Franks (395-447)
Basina (Princess of the Thuringians) (398-470)
96) Merovech, King of the Franks (415-457)
Verica Princess of Sweden Queen of France (419)
97) Siegbert “The Lame” Meroving King of Cologne (436-509)
Basina of Thuringia (452-470)
98) Chloderic (Clovis I ) “The Parricide” Meroving (The Great King of Franks) (465-511)
Evochilde NN
99) King Childebert Paris (496-558)
Queen Vultrogothe of Paris (500-558)
100) Siegbert The Lame, King of Cologne (509)
Theodelinde Bourgogne Queen of Burgandy (452)
101) Cloderic (The Parricide) King of Cologne (480-509)
Saint Clothilde (477)
102) Munderic Prince of Cologne of Vitrey-en-Perthois (505-534)
Arthemia de Lyons (490-550)
103) Bodegisel I of Aquitaine (524-607)
Oda Itte (567-636)
104) Arnulfo de Metz (582-641)
Dode Ode Doda Clothilde de Metz of Saxony (586-640)
105) Ansegisel (615-679)
Saint Begga de Landen (613-698)
106) Pepin II of Herstal (635-714)
Adpaide (Concubine of Austrasia) (654-705)
107) King Charles Martel (689-741)
Rotrude (695-724)
108) Mayor of the Palace Carloman de Paris (712-755)
Chrotrude Franks Princess Of (713)
109) Gerard De Rousillion (723-816)
Baroness Withburgis of Paris (736)
110) Hugh II of Tours Count (765-836)
Bava of Upper Alsace (769-837)*
111) Hugh Bourges Count Of (802-853)
Bava (805)
112) Tertulle or Tortulf or Tertuilus (821-921)
Pertonilla, Countess of Anjou (825)
113) Ingelger I Count Anjou (870-888)
Adele DE Gatinais
114) Fulk I “The Red” of Anjou Count of Anjou (870-938)
Rocilla De Louches (1009)
115) William III ” (Guillaume) “le Libérateur” de Provence comte d’Arles & Provence (950-993)
Adelaide Adela Blanca Blanche D’ Anjou (938-1026)*
116) Robert II The Pious King of France (972-1031)
Constance Taillefer de Toulouse Queen of France (986-1032)*
117) Baudouin V Count of Flanders (1012-1067)
Adelaide Havoise (1009-1079)*
118) King William I the Conqueror “The Bastard” Duke of Normandy Of England (1024-1087)
Matilda of Flanders (1059-1117)*
119) King Henry I “Beauclerc” “The Good Scholar” of England (1068-1135)
120) Earl Robert “The Consul” Of Gloucester of Caen (1086-1147)
Duchess Mabel FitzRobert Of Gloucester Fitzhamon (1090-1157)
121) Earl Ranulph of Chester Le Meschines (1106-1189)
Countess Matilda Maud of Chester Fitzobert (1106-1189)*
122) 6th Earl Hugh Of Chester De Keveliock (1147-1181)
Betrade De Montford (1155-1227)
123) 4th Earl of Derby William De Ferrers (1162-1247)
Lady Chartley Agnes De Keveliock (1170-1247)*
124) (Lord) William Vesci (1205-1253)
Agatha DeFerrers (1229-1290)*
125) Roger Buckton (1207)
Agnes De Vesci (1211)*
126) Gilbert (Forrester) Buckton (1265)
Drusil Forester De Buckton (1241)
127) Gilbert Forster (1290-1342)
Ivetta Vaux (1292)
128) John Forster (1316-1371)
129) Robert Forster (1355)
130) Thomas Forster (1395-1430)
Joan Elmeden (1421)
131) SIR KNIGHT Thomas FORSTER 9th Governor of Bamborough, Knight, Marshal of Berwick-upon-Tweed (1451-1526)
Elizabeth De Etherstone (1428-1450)
132) Sir Walter Forrester (1459-1550)
Agnes Graham (1462-1550)
133) Robert Bruce of Airth (1495)
Janet Forrester (1494-1600)*
134) Sir Alexander Bruce of Airth (1530-1600)
Janet Livingston- (1535-1599)
135) Sir Alexander Menteith (1513-1580)
Marion Bruce (1560-1650)*
136) Sir William Menteith (1575-1619)
Jeane Bruce (1582-1640)
137) James Menteith (1600-1650)
Margaret Callendar (1595)
138) Christopher David Sterling (1612-1683)
Margaret Menteith (1618-1680)*
139) John Sterling (1638-1701)
Alice Bassett (1640-1750)
140) John Stirling (1676-1741)
Mary Martin
141) James Clack (1655-1723)
Mary Sterling Bolling (1699-1763)*
142) William Thornton (1717-1790)
Jane Clack (1721-1729)*
143) Sterling Thorton
144) William Thornton (1780-1826)
Elizabeth Christian (1779-1816)
145) Prime Coleman (1803-1844)
Sarah Thorton (1807-1892)*
146) John Svendsen Jacobs (1825-1919)
Elizabeth Coleman (1835-1926)*
147) Andrew Jacobs (1872-1961)
Elizabeth Hannah Clough (1879-1966)
148) Andrew Ford Jacobs (1910-1987)
Frieda Irene Ard (1917-2011)
149) Arnoldo Pedroza Escalera (1944-Living)
Janet Kay Jacobs (1945-Living)*
150) John Pedroza (1976-Living)
Denise Pedroza (1976-Living)
151) Arnold John Pedroza (2007-Living)

*Means I went up through a matriarchal line
(NA)=Not Available


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