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  1. Awesome post. This is a place I’ve always wanted to see. One of these years I’m going to drag Bob on a Central American pyramid tour.

  2. Thanks for the write up…we are headed there this Sunday and can’t wait to experience the ruins. We’ve been living in Belize for the past 4 months and are venturing in to our neighbor, Guatemala for Semana santa. We’re headed to Antigua for the festivites. Thanks for writing about it. I’d love to know where you stayed while in Flores (that’s how I found your blog )

    • We stayed at Los Amigos Youth Hostel. It was nice, Chris, Jeronimo, and the rest of the staff were really good to us. The place has a laid back atmosphere and it is very centrally located. If you go however to Los Amigos I suggest getting one of the rooms in the satellite building (a lot quiter). We were charged 150 quetzales when we were in the double with a private bath and 120 Q when we were in the double with a shared bathroom. My dad stayed one night in Hotel San Pablo which was also nice. It cost him 120 Q for a single but it didn’t have WIFI access, but all the rooms there have a private bathrooms. I plan to write about Antigua tonight. We got to see some of the processions while we were there and it was really fun. I am not a Catholic but it was still fun to see the carpets and the icons being marched out.

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