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Southern California Supermarkets — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting blog. Our Albertsons actually has TVs and our Vons doesn’t. I don’t live close enough to most of these stores to go to them. Every week I usually go to Whole Foods (to get some produce and Harper’s allergy sensitive things because they have the best selection), Ralphs or Vons depending on that week’s sales, and Trader Joes for everything else. And once or twice a month I make a Costco trip. I have always considered TJ’s prices to be pretty reasonable, especially since we stopped cutting coupons last year to try to buy less processed food. I wish we lived closer to a Fresh and Easy, they have some great store brand products.

  2. I really like Trader Joe’s. There are some things that are expensive and that I don’t buy there, but there are other things that are very reasonable. If you need an unusual ingredient like, say, marinated red peppers or creme fraiche, their prices can’t be beat. Their flowers (especially daffodils during March) are really cheap and they always have a great selection. Aside from TJ’s, I do most of my shopping at Stater Brothers, although for a quick in and out, Fresh and Easy is climbing the list. However, because they are a much smaller store (a market rather than a SUPERmarket), they don’t always have everything I need. Like everyone else, I make an occasional trip to Costco, where I always spend more than intended. They are so good at that.

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