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The Aurora, Guatemala City, Airport is Confusing Place — 3 Comments

  1. Never exchange at the Aurora airport. It’s both a horrible exchange rate and a huge fee on top of that. It’s a huge racket in which they make a bundle swindling people. “A fool and his money are soon parted.” There are ATMs at the airport; one needs to locate them so you can get a decent exchange rate with a moderate, reasonable fee. The difference between the Global Exchange company kiosks at the Guatemalan airport and an ATM can be as much as $25-50 depending on how much you exchange. For example, if you withdraw $400 the exchange rate will be a full point lower (from 7.7 to 6.5) and the fee will be Q2.629,77 which is $34. The exact rate and fee fluctuates, of course, but the point is that only a fool gets money from a kiosk at the airport. The worst part of all is that the people who work there get away with pitches such as, “Just for you, if you double the amount I can give you a special rate.” It’s sheer snake oil.

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