A Ride on Angel’s Flight into Downtown LA

Up until the 1950s, when the freeways in Southern California were expanded there used to be a thing called the Pacific Electric Railway. For no more than 25 cents you could get anywhere in Southern California. The last red car … Continue reading

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Aka.. The One With JohnnyP…. So, for my mother’s birthday I decided to take her and the family out to see the Warner Brothers Studio tour. This is about a three hour experience in Burbank, California, just one hill away … Continue reading

The Orange International Festival

Traveling to different countries is awesome. Unfortunately, it is not free and lot of times not practical (if only I didn’t have to be a responsible adult). Thankfully I live in Southern California and in California you don’t have to … Continue reading

Sundowners Family Restaurant Delmonico Steak

In a very non-descriptive building at 1131 S E St in San Bernardino (there is also a location in Fontana) California you will find Sundowners Family Restaurant. They call themselves a restaurant but what they really are is an old-school cafeteria. When … Continue reading

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles CA

A few years ago when AJ was little and I (John) was out of town on business Denise went out to downtown Los Angeles with AJ in a stroller. Being a downtown LA explorer, Denise has been encouraging me for sometime … Continue reading

“America Tropical” Uncovering Siqueiros in California

On Saturday our Ward (church group) was going to Olivera St. for the day. Denise and I have been to Olivera St. at least a dozen of times. It happens to be my second favorite place in the world to get … Continue reading