US State Capitols: Sacramento, California

Visited July 20, 2018 When California was part of Mexico, the capital of what was known as Alta California was in Monterey. In 1849 California declared itself a free and independent nation. At that time Sacramento drafted it’s first city … Continue reading

A Ride on Angel’s Flight into Downtown LA

Up until the 1950s, when the freeways in Southern California were expanded there used to be a thing called the Pacific Electric Railway. For no more than 25 cents you could get anywhere in Southern California. The last red car … Continue reading

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Aka.. The One With JohnnyP…. So, for my mother’s birthday I decided to take her and the family out to see the Warner Brothers Studio tour. This is about a three hour experience in Burbank, California, just one hill away … Continue reading

Sundowners Family Restaurant Delmonico Steak

In a very non-descriptive building at 1131 S E St in San Bernardino (there is also a location in Fontana) California you will find Sundowners Family Restaurant. They call themselves a restaurant but what they really are is an old-school cafeteria. When … Continue reading

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles CA

A few years ago when AJ was little and I (John) was out of town on business Denise went out to downtown Los Angeles with AJ in a stroller. Being a downtown LA explorer, Denise has been encouraging me for sometime … Continue reading

Sherman Indian High School (SIHS): City of Riverside Landmark #16

Location: 9010 Magnolia Avenue. Date Established: 7/19/1901 Date Visited: 6/28/2015 “The ultimate point of rest and happiness for the Indians is to let our settlements and theirs meet and blend together, to intermix and become one people, incorporating themselves with … Continue reading

Former YMCA Building: City of Riverside Landmark #41

Location: 3485 University Ave. Date Established: 1909 Date Visited: 6/13/2014 According to the YMCA’s website their focus is to “bring about meaningful change in individuals and communities, we must be focused and accountable.” The Life Arts Center started it’s life … Continue reading