Split Pea Andersons, Buellton, California

Split Pea Soups Andersons is a very nice looking restaurant.

I need to preface this post by saying I have no affiliation with Split Pea Soup Andersen’s and was not compensated by them in anyway (although if they are reading this and want to pass me some free soup I wouldn’t say no)…

All you have to do is follow the signs to Andersons.

So you have been driving on highway 101 for what seems like forever. If you have been you undoubtedly have seen the signs. Placed at every mile within a 10 mile radius it is kind of hard to miss Split Pea Andersen’s. It is good thing all those signs are out there because you wouldn’t want to miss this place.

Inside the restaurant is a big gift shop.

You may think that just because Split Pea Andersen’s is a tourist trap (and have no doubt it is), it will be expensive. This is where you would be wrong. It is not cheap but for all you can eat soup and salad for $9 dollars you will wonder why you haven’t stopped here sooner.

Janet enjoying her prime rib dinner.

In our case we were looking for a decently priced prime rib meal for Christmas and thought the Danish ambiance might be nice.

AJ wasn't too sure about the soup at first. I think he thought it looked too much like baby food, but once he tried it he liked it.

Some people may say that they just simply don’t like pea soup. Most of the time I would agree with those people (I am not a big vegetarian myself), but this soup is a bit different. According to their little history sheet they give out they say there is no secret to the soup, but I am not really sure about that.First of all it is not grainy like most pea soups I know. The second thing is it is very creamy, almost like a chowder.

This proves anyone can have a museum.

After you finish your meal you may find that you are stuffed, but that is no problem you can have fun going through the Buellton Historical Museum (yes, the pea soup restaurant has a museum).
Anyhow, I hope you go, I think you just may be glad you did.

Pee Wee AJ Split Pea


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