Santa Barbara Mission, Santa Barbara, California December 2010

The Santa Barbara Mission is the 10th mission in the California series and is known as the “Queen of the Missions”. This mission is probably the most active Catholic missions out of all of the missions I have visited so far. The grounds not only house the mission but also has a covent, a retreat, and a school. Immaculately kept the grounds a beautiful and have many different types of roses. When visiting the mission I really thought the aqueducts were very interesting. Water is of course what makes life possible so it is always interesting to see how early settlers dealt with this issue. In this case the long aqueducts lead to big fountains at the front of the mission. Big wash basins known as lavanderias lead from the fountains for washing clothes.

AJ and Denise at SB Fountain

The grounds are immaculately kepts and are free to tour. If you want to go inside the mission it will cost you $5 per person. They are open most days M-F 9AM-5PM.

Santa Barbara Mission Altar


Family at Santa Barbara Garden


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