San Luis Obispo Mission, SLO, California December 2010

Denise in front of SLO Mission

The San Luis Obispo Mission in it’s heyday was not the smallest mission, but so far it has been the smallest mission that we have visited. Built in 1772, it is a very interesting mission in that the main chapel has a L shape to it. Two congregations could be sharing the same service and never have to look at each other. Like all missions it originally would have had lots of land but now that it the center of San Luis Obispo it is kind of more like a small park to the city. There is no cost for entry but there is a box that suggests a $4 donation when you enter the museum. In the museum you will see period clothing and various historical artifacts. There were not many visitors when we were there. Most of the citizens of San Luis Obispo were far too interested in visiting Santa Claus or riding the carousel. AJ got to ride the carousel thanks to Nana.

If you got some extra cash I suggest going to the Splash Cafe.

While we were at San Luis Obispo we visited the Splash Cafe. I found it using my urbanspoon and picked it because it had good reviews. This place was definately a locals hangout, which means it was good and well priced. The speciality of the house is definately the clam chowder. It was very good, a very creamy white sauce. If you can handle more food after your lunch they have a great bakery on site.


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