Running in Silicon Valley

Early Morning Run
Got up early ran 5 miles through Fremont. On my run I passed by two local parks and several older Asians walking. Up near the freeway I saw a private road with some really nice houses. It reminded me of the LA heritage Square that we visited, but since the road was private I didn’t explore very far and get a good look. Running through the business parks I saw many software companies. All of them called themselves “campuses” made me laugh. It seemed to me to be a very vain way to guise the real intent of moneymaking going on within. The area we are staying at is very Asian. We see a lot of Chinese on the businesses. One Vietnamese Restaurant caught Denise’s eye on her run it was called “I Pho” and had an apple symbol. After running I met Denise in the motel’s breakfast nook. We are staying at the Days Inn on Warm Springs Road. The free breakfast was not very good. It consisted of cheap generic white bread that you could toast, fake Oreos, apple juice, milk, oatmeal, coffee, corn flakes, and frosted flakes. It was so bar we ended up getting a Breakfast croissant at Burger King later.

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