Old Town, San Diego

We have been busy, but I wanted to take this chance to post a video I did of the newly refurbished Mormon Battalion Center.

It is a really a fun place to go and the best thing is it is free! Some of the other things you can do for free are go window shopping or go visit the two historical parks they have. The only real issue you will find, will be parking. Parking is free, but we ended up parking on a really steep hill, because all the flat spaces were taken.


Old Town, San Diego — 4 Comments

  1. Bob’s cousins, Tim and Melissa Evans, are the current head of the Visitor Center. That was Melissa playing the fiddle in your video. Dave and Bonnie know them as well from their humanitarian work in Mexico during the time Tim was mission president there. Fun to see your video! We need to get down there ourselves.

  2. Nice shots of planes, even nicer ones of the great AJ. Thanks. Someday I would like a little plane named “Executive Sweet”!

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