La Purisima Mission, Lompoc, California 2010

The 11th mission in the series, La Purisima Mission is interesting in that is no longer owned or operated by the Catholic Church. Even though all the missions were deeded back to the Catholic church in 1865 by President Lincoln the Catholic church did not take back this mission. My guess is this was because the mission is in a very remote location.

La Purisima Mission Front View

The configuration of the mission is different. All the buildings are in a straight line. Hence the La Purisima mission is known as the “Linear Mission” (most missions were built in squares). It is also known as the “Overflow Mission” as it was built to complement the overflow crowds at the Santa Barbara Mission.

Steer Cow at La Purisima

Also unique to this mission is that it still has a working ranch and shows what a complete mission would of looked like. When you go there you will see horses, lambs, and steer. You will also see all the gardens. It is very interesting in it’s setup because you can explore all you want.

Cemetery Tower View La Purisima

In the category of weird stories it should be noted that the mission is very empty. It is like everyone just walked away and left all the doors open. The cemetery is strange in that it is now devoid of markers. Some say that the spirits of those that were buried there are angry over this and now haunt the place. I personally didn’t see any spirits there, but other who have visited say they have.
Price of admission is $6 per car and it is open everyday but Christmas 9am-5pm.

Main Chapel

John inside the Father’s Quarters at La Purisima Mission


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