Happy Birthday AJ!

“It’s been a great first year. Today we’re going to Disneyland, and we’ll add some of the pictures from there to this space. For now here are some of my favorites from our recent trip to Aunt Sara’s and Uncle Guy’s in the Sacramento area:

On Friday, among other things, we went to the California State Railroad Musuem. AJ doesn’t seem too impressed!

Saturday we started the day by going to the Empire Star Mine, also a state park. Here we are at the mine owners house.

AJ was facinated by all the belts running in the machine shop of the mine.

Later that day we went to a little tiny local RR musuem. He had just taken a nap, and we got some great pictures.

Finally, here is a picture of AJ and his great-grandma Frieda. She is in her 80s and suffering from dementia, so this experiance wasn’t very meaningful for her (or him), but we do have the pictures for posterity.”


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