Free Day Activities

This is a list of activities (museums, parks, etc.) that usually cost money for admission but have a free admission at least once a month. The Format for each entry is the name of the museum, the type of museum, the frequency of free admission, the day of free admission, and the regular admission price).

The goal is continually update the list. If you see a place on the list that we have missed (we want to go too), no longer offers a monthly free day, or closed please let us know.


Los Angeles
Japanese American National Museum (Cultural, Monthly, Third Thursday, $12)
LACMA (Art, Monthly/Holiday, Second Tuesday/Federal Holidays, $15)
The Autry Museum in Griffith Park (Western, Monthly, Second Tuesday, $14)

Orange County
OCMA (Art, Weekly, Fridays, $10)

Riverside County
Riverside Art Museum (Art, Monthly, First Thursday, $5)

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