Countries Named After Geological Features

I saw this picture about Ecuador and it got me thinking of country origin names, which I find facinating and so I decided to see if I could find any other countries named after just geological locations. This is what I was able to come up with:
Algeria – Means the Islands
Australia – Unknown Southern Island
Bahamas – The Lower Seas
Baharain – Two Seas
Brunei – Land
Ecuador – The Equator
Guatemala – Land of Many Trees (might also be Land Where Water Comes out of Volcano)
Guyana – Land of Many Waters
Honduras – Deep Water
Iraq – Beside the Water
Montenegro – Black Mountain
Nauru – Beach
Netherlands – The Low Lands
Nicaragua- Big Lake
Palau – Island
Peru – River
Portugal – Warm Harbor
Tonga – South
Ukraine – The Borderland
Uruguay – River of Shellfish
Zambia – The Mountain

This doesn’t count for this list but I have decided that Somalia is my favorite country name. It means the milk drinkers. I wish I could go visit Somalia someday. I know right now it is having a hard time but a culture of milk drinkers seems pretty cool to me.

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