Colorado State Capitol 7/24/08

The Colorado State Capitol is a rather imposing structure. I guess if you are going to have a city called the “mile high” city, you are going to need a State Capitol to match it. You might think this is a joke, but it is not. If you pay attention when you walk up the stairs there it says “one mile above sea level.”

The Colorado State Capitol was built in the 1890s but wasn’t dedicated until 1894. When you walk up to the building and when you walk inside you a confronted with this big golden dome.

It was completed in 1908, and yes, it is real gold.
For those with a bit of stamina and no fear of confined twirling endless stairs you can go climb right to the top of the dome.

Your reward for doing this will be spectacular vistas both inside and out:

The Colorado capitol has very elegant chamber rooms decorated with esquisite stain glass windows. It makes for a very bright yet opulent look:

Tours to the Capitol are free Mon-Fri 9AM-2:30PM, but may require reservations. You should also note that the dome is considered a separate tour.


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