Sherman Indian High School (SIHS): City of Riverside Landmark #16

Location: 9010 Magnolia Avenue. Date Established: 7/19/1901 Date Visited: 6/28/2015 “The ultimate point of rest and happiness for the Indians is to let our settlements and theirs meet and blend together, to intermix and become one people, incorporating themselves with … Continue reading

Former YMCA Building: City of Riverside Landmark #41

Location: 3485 University Ave. Date Established: 1909 Date Visited: 6/13/2014 According to the YMCA’s website their focus is to “bring about meaningful change in individuals and communities, we must be focused and accountable.” The Life Arts Center started it’s life … Continue reading

Benedict Castle: City of Riverside Landmark #13

Location: 5445 Chicago Ave. Date Established: 1922 Date Visited: 10/23/2014 The construction of the Benedict Castle started in 1922 and took about 9 years to finish. It is estimated that the total cost for building the castle was about $300,000. Which back … Continue reading

Riverside Metropolitan Museum (RMM): City of Riverside Landmark #11

Location: 3580 Mission Inn Ave. Date Established: 1912 Date Visited: 10/21/2014 The building that currently houses the Riverside Metropolitan Museum also known as the RMM has had various reincarnations. The building started it’s life in 1912 as a Federal Post … Continue reading

Wilson Stone House: City of Riverside Landmark #75

Location: 3241 Mary St. Date Established: 1929 Date Visited: 6/27/2014 The plaque at the Wilson house states the following: “Charles D. Wilson, a.k.a. Wellson, constructed this distinctive stone house in 1929 in a style that blends the more sophisticated Arts … Continue reading

The Roosevelt Palm: City of Riverside Landmark #64

Location: The corner of Victoria Avenue and Myrtle Avenue. Date Established: 5/7/1903 Date Visited: 6/28/2014 One of the most celebrated pictures in Riverside is that of then President Theodore Roosevelt planting the original Navel orange trees at the Mission Inn … Continue reading

Devine House: City of Riverside Landmark #30

Location: 4475 Twelfth Street Date Established: 6/2/1888 Date Visited: 6/20/2014 The Devine house was established in 1888, when after being married for one year Frank and Vinie Devine moved into there then recently completed Queen Anne Style home. Frank Devine … Continue reading

The Jarvis House: Riverside City Landmark #78

Location: 4492 12 St. Date Established:6/2/1888 Date Visited:6/20/2014 According to the book Landmarks of Riverside (pg. 59) there was a real estate boom in 1887. The Jarvis house began in May of 1887 when according to San Bernardino County Recorder’s … Continue reading

Cressman House: Riverside City Landmark #37

Location: 3390 Orange Street Date Established: 8/15/1902 Date Visited: 5/12/14 The Cressman house came from the designs of Los Angeles based architects Burnham and Bliesner, who also designed the Riverside County Courthouse. The home was finished in 1902 and is done in a … Continue reading

Marcy Branch Library: Riverside City Landmark #124

Location: 3711 Central Avenue Date Established: March 15, 1958 Date Visited: 6/14/14 According to the panel inside the new Marcy Branch library in “June of 1951, a committee representing the Parent-Teacher Association of Palm, Magnolia, and Jefferson Schools requested that … Continue reading