Mexican State Capitals: Xelapa, Veracruz

With a natural opening in the middle of a formidable mountain range Veracruz Mexico has been a very strategic city for as long as humans have inhabited the area, which is a long time! It was in Veracruz, Mexico that … Continue reading

Mexican State Capitals: Tepic, Nayarit

The Lazy Man’s History of the European Conquest of the Mexican West Coast So the year is 1527. It is seven years after Hernan Cortez conquers the Aztecs and declares the area New Spain. Hernan Cortez is getting rich. The … Continue reading

Mexican State Capitols: Mexicali, Baja California Norte

Visited: August 18-19, 2018 As a state Baja California Norte is a relatively new state, having been admitted in 1959. Before that it was known as a territory. The first traces of humans date back as far as 11,000 years … Continue reading

US State Capitols: Sacramento, California

Visited July 20, 2018 When California was part of Mexico, the capital of what was known as Alta California was in Monterey. In 1849 California declared itself a free and independent nation. At that time Sacramento drafted it’s first city … Continue reading

Springfield, Illinois (Part of Travel Goal #4)

We collect National Park cancellation stamps when we travel within the USA. On the way out from Springfield, Ilinois Denise asked if I could get a quick stamp from the old railway station in Springfield. I went to the railroad … Continue reading

Guanajuato, Mexico: City of Mines, Music, Muses, and Mummies.

The thing about Mexico that any visitor who travels any distance will soon find the diversity that is embedded in the country. Due to the fact that Mexico is a cradle of an original civilization and thus millennium in age … Continue reading