2018 Goals

Denise challenged me to find 18 goals for 2018 so this is what I got:

Visit another state capitol. (In May 2018 we took a trip to Aguascalientes, Mexico which is the capital of the state of Aguascalientes in Mexico)
In June we went to Guanajuato, GTO
In July we visited Springfield, IL, Sacramento, CA, Salem,OR, Columbus, OH, Lansing, MI, and Indianpolis, IN
In August we visited Mexicali, BCN
We are visiting so many capitols that we decided to make a special pages with all the blog posts which should appear on the right hand side on full screen computers).

Ride Harry Potter Ride (4/2/18 Escape From Gringotts, 4/3/18 Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey)

AJ and I on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Just barely fit, but I fit, so I was ecstatic.









Visit 5 amusement parks. (Michigans’s Adventure, Canada’s Wonderland, Cedar Point, Kings Island, Soak City, Knotts Berry Farm, Volcano Bay, Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, California’s Great America 9/1/18).

Hike 10 miles.

Memorize book in new testament

Get two months perfect home teaching. (Did this in January and February, but now we Minister instead of Home Teach so this is kind of moot)

Visit temple 12 times. (1/20/18 – Redlands, 2/16/18 – Redlands, 03/02/18 – Redlands, 3/22/18 – Redlands, 4/19/18 – Redlands, 5/22/18 – Redlands, 6/22/18 – Redlands, 8/2/18 – Redlands, 8/16/18 – Redlands )

Draw a cartoon.

Teach AJ Uno.

Go one week without checking Facebook. (Did this 1/1/18-1/8/18, no one cared, no one missed me or tried to even contact me through Facebook, was a confirmation that social media means a bunch of nothing in my real social circle)

Travel 106 KM in Ingress (Did this in April of 2018 and now have my Onyx trekker badge for a total of 2500 KM walked in two years)

Make cookies for 4 families.

Go one week bringing lunch to work. (4/30/18-5/4/18)

Lose 18 pounds (As of 6/13/18 I weigh 300 lbs which is 19 lbs. lighter than where I started the year).

Do 5 acts of random kindness.

Make a pizza from scratch.

Run one mile non-stop.

Make one new friend.

I will try to revisit this page during the year to see how I do.

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