Former YMCA Building: City of Riverside Landmark #41

Location: 3485 University Ave. Date Established: 1909 Date Visited: 6/13/2014 According to the YMCA’s website their focus is to “bring about meaningful change in individuals and communities, we must be focused and accountable.” The Life Arts Center started it’s life … Continue reading

Xunantunich “Stone Maiden” Ruins, Cayo District, Belize

According to legend Xunantunich (pronounced “junantunish”) got named when a hunter went by himself in 1892 to hunt by the ruins along the Mopan river. The ruins were known by the locals for millennium by the locals and people would … Continue reading

Benedict Castle: City of Riverside Landmark #13

Location: 5445 Chicago Ave. Date Established: 1922 Date Visited: 10/23/2014 The construction of the Benedict Castle started in 1922 and took about 9 years to finish. It is estimated that the total cost for building the castle was about $300,000. Which back … Continue reading