Riverside City College Quadrangle: Riverside City Landmark #48

Location: 4800 Magnolia Ave. Date Established: 1924 (current version finished 1951) Date Visited: 4/18/2014 Riverside Community College (RCC) first held classes in September 1916, making it one of the first community colleges (colleges that only offer the first two years … Continue reading

The First Church of Christ Scientist: Riverside City Landmark #7

Location: 3606 Lemon St. Date Established: 10/24/1900 (church completed 2/10/1901 Date Visited: 5/12/14 Construction on the First Church of Christ Scientist began in October of 1900 with the laying of the cornerstone at Lemon St. A few months later in … Continue reading

El Cariso Nature Trail, Elsinore, CA

Total Distance: 1.3 Miles (1.5 if you go to the Firefighters Memorial) Difficulty: Easy (slight elevation gains, dirt path) Address: 32353 Ortega Highway Elsinore, CA 92530 Cost: $5 parking or Adventure Pass Yesterday we went to the El Cariso Nature … Continue reading

The Chicago White Sox Redwood Tree: Riverside City Landmark #60

Location: Corner of Magnolia and Arlington in Low Park Date Established: 2/24/1914* Date Visited: 4/18/2014 (click to expand pictures) I find it kind of funny that the Chicago White Soxs would donate a redwood tree to Riverside considering you cannot … Continue reading

The 1914 Convention of Aguascalientes

While we were in Aguascalientes we were able to learn a bit about the 1914 Convention of Aguascalientes. To understand the importance of this meeting you need to know a bit about Porfirio Diaz. Porfirio Diaz was the president of … Continue reading

Parent Navel Orange Tree (Tibbets’ Tree): Riverside City Landmark #15

Location: Corner of Magnolia and Arlington Date Established: 1873 Date Visited: 3/6/10 & 4/18/14 California is world renowned for its citrus industry. It all started back in 1870 William Saunders, a horticulturalist at the United States Department of Agriculture, sent … Continue reading