The Los Angeles Fashion District, California

I really don’t like buying clothes. I don’t consider myself a fashionable person. The number  one of the reasons I don’t like buying clothes is because it is expensive. Second,  I am not really sure these days where my clothes come from. … Continue reading

Mt. Baden Powell, Los Angeles National Forest, California

When I was 12 yrs. old I was a member of Troop 894 out of Chula Vista, California. We were a part of the San Diego Scout Council. My scoutmaster at the time was a retired marine and he really … Continue reading

A Solo Hike Up Mount Jacinto, Idyllwild, California

Mt. San Jacinto is the second largest peak in Southern California (San Gregornio is the first). I suppose having graduated from Mt. San Jacinto College it was altogether fitting that one day I would one day hike up Mt. San … Continue reading